Issue 15 Passes!!!!!

EXPLANATION: The amendment would create an incentive for graduates of a public safety academy to pursue their public safety careers in the City of Cincinnati by awarding an examination credit of five (5) points in entry-level examinations for classified jobs in the City’s Fire or Police departments. In order to be eligible for the credit, individuals would have to successfully graduate from a fire or police program conducted at a public safety academy (PSA) to be established by Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) in collaboration with the City of Cincinnati. The public safety curriculum of the academy would have to be approved by the City of Cincinnati administration and its fire and police administration. A person would be limited to a maximum of ten (10) points on an entry-level examination for civil service positions through a combination of military service credit and public safety academy graduate credit. These examination credits would apply only to entry-level examinations and not to any promotional examinations.

This issue was placed on the ballot by a vote of Cincinnati City Council.

BACKGROUND: If this amendment passes, Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS), in collaboration with the City of Cincinnati, would proceed to implement plans which are already underway to develop a public safety academy including fire and police training programs. CPS would build out the curriculum of the academy to align with state standards and with certification and training standards to be approved by the Police and Fire administration of the City. To those supporting the public safety academy, the examination credit would provide a meaningful incentive for CPS students to choose to enter the public safety academy programs and to choose careers in the City’s Fire and Police departments. If all the qualifications of the amendment are met in the new public safety academy, then successful graduates of the academy would qualify for the five point credit when they take an entry-level examination for a job in the City’s Fire or Police departments.

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