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CAFA Seeks Action and Condemns Attempts to Mislead

(Cincinnati, Ohio) – The Cincinnati African-American Firefighter Association (CAFA) strongly condemn Steven J. Megerle, candidate for the Cincinnati Public School (CPS) Board, for his false claim that we supported or endorsed him as a candidate for the CPS Board.  The use of our copyrighted logo on his web site and Facebook page is a diabolical attempt to use race to sow confusion in the 2019 CPS Board Elections.  This malicious attempt to use CAFA to interfere in the 2019 elections will not be tolerated.  We demand that candidate Megerle immediately remove from any of his campaign media platforms CAFA’s copyrighted logo, also cease and desist any statements about our endorsements or support.  What CAFA seeks is ACTION!

A questionnaire ( was created to determine the candidates’ support for the Public Safety Academy (PSA), and to restart a process that is stagnant.  In 2018, 80,000 Cincinnatians overwhelming voted to award points to students who graduate from the PSA.  Creation of the PSA is vital to the development of career opportunities for CPS students, and the diversity of the city’s police and fire departments.

Let’s work together to bring the promise of the PSA to life.

Will West, CAFA President

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