CAFA Press Release

For Immediate release

Will West


Cincinnati African-American Firefighters Association (CAFA)


City Leaders Approve of the Black Lives Matter Mural, but how serious is Cincinnati about eliminating systemic and structural racism?


City Manager side steps the Cincinnati African-American Firefighters Association (CAFA) on his way out the door at City Hall.


CAFA wants the citizens of Cincinnati to know that departing City Manager Patrick Duhaney is vacating his position without signing the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that will redress systemic and structural racism within the Cincinnati Fire Department (CFD).  Despite having a Fire Chief and executive staff members that are African-American, the CFD has never promoted a female Chief Officer.  This is an example of the systemic bias, sexism, and institutional racism in the CFD CAFA will work to correct.  CAFA’s duty is to obtain equitable treatment of women and minorities.  Over 150 years of systemic bias and institutional racism must be undone!  CAFA urges City Manager Duhaney to “Do The Right Thing” and sign the MOA!

A signed MOA was to be the culmination of years of CAFA’s efforts to mitigate structural racism.  This particular effort to address the structural racism/sexism within the CFD began when Harry Black was City Manager.   In December of 2019, CAFA and City Manager Duhaney entered into a verbal agreement to address the following broad areas of concern:  bias, codification, inclusion, oversight, and transparency.  After this, CAFA’s attorney created the MOA that was forwarded to the Fire Chief Roy Winston and Cincinnati City Manager Patrick Duhaney for their review.  Subsequently, several meetings to sign the document were scheduled, canceled, and re-scheduled.  Mr. Duhaney’s explanation for postponing the meetings with CAFA is that he was too busy dealing with COVID 19 and the budget.  CAFA was patient and respectful of the manager’s time and priorities.  Ultimately, a meeting was scheduled and confirmed for July 6, 2020, by City Manager Duhaney’s office.  CAFA President William West and 1st Vice President Darrell Bullock were shocked and angered when they showed up for the meeting and were told that City Manager Duhaney was not present.   After Mr. Duhaney’s “no show”, CAFA has reached out to him with no response.  Is he skipping town without signing the MOA?

We demand that before City Manager Duhaney skips town on Friday, July 17th, 2020 that he signs the MOA.