The intent of this document is to provide the early chronological history of the employment of African Americans on the CFD, the policies and methods that were enacted to boost their numbers, as well as the impact that CAFA has had in shaping the integration, inclusion, and structure of the CFD. Incidentally, this document is intended to be inspirational, so it leaves out much of the underlying struggles that occurred within CAFA, Local 48, the CFD, and outside entities. It is our desire that these struggles be revealed in later editions of the history of the integration of the CFD, which also includes the history of CAFA. Furthermore, women in the CFD should also be included in the CFD’s integration history, as the African American women of CAFA were instrumental in shaping gender policies. CAFA’s recruiting efforts are not entirely discussed in this document, but can be traced back to the 1980s; therefore, should also be included in its history. It is also our desire that subsequent editions of CAFA’s history describe, in greater detail, how the organization became involved personally through the numerous community engagements and various social events. In the end, it is our responsibility as firefighters, especially as African American Firefighters, to give a full account of, this, the history of the integration of the CFD, and the seminal history of the advocacy group known as the Cincinnati African American Firefighter Association, or CAFA. But more importantly, to honor those whom upon the shoulders we stand, it is also our responsibility to chart the course for the future of CAFA

CAFA History